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Session 7

Humanities and Anthropology

The session on "Humanities and Anthropology" at ICESSU-2024 focuses on the exploration of diverse facets of human societies, cultures, and histories, employing anthropological perspectives and methodologies within the humanities.


1 Human and Social Evolutionary Complexity

2 Human Development based on psychological and social concepts

3 Human Rights Development

4 Human-Computer Interactions

5 Human-Environment Interactions

6 Information and Communication Systems

7 Innovation, Technology and Society

8 Interdisciplinary Research and Studies

9 International Relations & Collaborations

10 Journalism

11 Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy

12 Land-Use Modeling Techniques and Applications

13 Law and Justice

14 Learning and Behavioral Modeling

Key Themes

  • Cultural and Societal Insights: The session aims to delve into the study of human cultures, traditions, languages, art, and social structures, offering insights into the diversity and richness of global societies.
  • . Historical Perspectives: It seeks to explore historical contexts and narratives that shape human societies, tracing cultural evolution, societal changes, and the interconnectedness of civilizations across time.
  • Anthropological Approaches: The session employs anthropological approaches to understanding human behavior, beliefs, rituals, and social practices, aiming to decipher cultural identities and societal norms.
  • Interdisciplinary Dialogue: Encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue, the session invites discussions among researchers, scholars, and practitioners across various disciplines to explore the intersections of humanities and anthropology.
  • Cultural Preservation and Diversity: It emphasizes discussions on cultural preservation, diversity, heritage conservation, and the challenges faced in safeguarding cultural identities and traditions.
  • Promoting Social Understanding: By exploring human experiences and societal constructs, the session aims to promote social understanding, empathy, and appreciation for cultural differences.

Session Format

The Humanities and Anthropology session at ICESSU-2024 aims to provide a platform for scholarly discussions, knowledge dissemination, and interdisciplinary exchanges that foster a deeper understanding of human societies, cultural diversity, and historical legacies. Ultimately, it seeks to contribute to a more profound appreciation of human experiences and promote cultural awareness in a global context.

Session Speaker

Dr. Luh Putu Artini

Senior Lecturer Department of English Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha

Session Chair

Dr. Madhurima Dasgupta,

Assistant Professor (Sociology),
The Neotia University,
West Bengal &
Post-doctoral fellow,
Abo Academy University,Finland.


Technoarete Transactions on Renewable Energy, Green Energy and Sustainability
ISSN: 2583-1968
Transaction on Biomedical Engineering Applications, Healthcare
ISSN: 2582-7405
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