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About Us

About 4TH ICESSU-2024

ICESSU - 2024 is the 4th International Conference on Engineering, Social Sciences, And Humanities, which is scheduled to take place on the 19th & 20th of April 2024 in the Philippines. This is organized by the Institute for Educational Research and Publication (IFERP) Philippines Society.

The goal of this international conference on multidisciplinary research and education is to provide a stage for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to share knowledge on the latest technological advancements. If you want to spread awareness of your incredible research findings and other work, this conference allows you to present your papers and articles in reputed journals

Unveiling ICESSU-2024

Conference Theme:
"Science, Education and Humanities: A Trilateral Balance"

Multidisciplinary Conference

The 4th International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (ICESSU-2024) in Manila, Philippines on 19th and 20th of April, 2024, sets its sights on the theme of "Science, Education, and Humanities: A Trilateral Balance."

This thought-provoking theme underscores the crucial interplay and equilibrium among these domains, highlighting their collective impact on society. By exploring the intersections and synergies between science, education, and humanities, this conference aims to unravel novel perspectives, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and address the evolving global landscape. Join us for two days of engaging discussions, innovative insights, and collaborative initiatives aimed at forging a harmonious equilibrium between these pivotal spheres that shape our world.

ICESSU-2024 Features of the Conference

Join us at this international social science and humanities conference to expand your horizons and gain insights into global perspectives!