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Objective of the conference

Objective of the 4TH ICESSU – 2024

ICESSU – 2024 aims to bring engineering, Social Science, and Humanities research areas on a global platform. By providing a stage for collaboration, IC-ESSU aims to enhance the application of research in practical contexts. You can refine your skills, exchange ideas, and build networks by engaging with experts, high-level delegates, and peers. The 4th International Conference on Engineering, Social Sciences, and Humanities isn't merely a conference; it's a collaborative initiative that actively shapes the research trajectory and its applications.
Join us in Manila, Philippines, from April 19th to 20th, 2024, to embrace the journey and empower the future of interdisciplinary knowledge. Register now and become a catalyst for progress at IC-ESSU 2024, where each moment is an opportunity to contribute to a transformative and innovative future.