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Scope & Benefits

The 3rd IC-ESSU-23 has a massive scope and offers a whole host of benefits for Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities participants from various walks of life. Some of these benefits include.

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    Research in the field of International conference on Engineering, Social Science and Humanities in defining and examining novel concepts or examining understudied areas. According to several interviewees, working with peers from the same discipline typically only results in incremental innovation, whereas cooperating with peers from different disciplines may result in the development of novel concepts and ground-breaking innovations.

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    Helps Understand Society

    When carrying out HSS research, humans become aware and also alert to good and bad things. In order to know the norms, policies, code of conduct of society, one has to learn about the findings of the research that has been carried out or it might become a challenge to survive or be a contributing member of society.

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    Helps Acquire An Understanding Of Culture

    Each society has its own culture. In order to fully comprehend the culture of a particular society, findings from research studies about that society are necessary to be read.

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    Getting Up-To-Speed With Technology

    Whenever there is new technology being released, humans need to know about it. By getting to know about the research findings that will be shared during this conference, all participants will be updated on the current scenario of the society one lives in.

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    Difference Between Wrong & Right

    When a person gets to know about HSS and educational sciences research, it builds confidence and also enlightens their mind by informing them about the difference between right and wrong in those areas, which further helps their decision-making.