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Session 1

Geotechnics and Geoenvironmental sustainable materials SESSION OVERVIEW: ICESSU 2024

The Geotechnics and Geoenvironmental Sustainable Materials session at ICESSU-2024 is dedicated to exploring the pivotal intersection between geotechnical engineering, environmental sustainability, and innovative materials in civil engineering. This session aims to comprehensively examine the latest research, advancements, and practical applications within geotechnics and geoenvironmental sustainability.

Geotechnics and Geoenvironmental sustainable materials is contribution to
The Sustainable Development Goals:


1 Soil stabilization material and methods

2 Foundation stabilization and Construction

3 Computational Geotechnics

4 modeling and simulation

5 Reinforced earth structures and materials

6 Ground Investigation and Ground risk management

7 Environmental and site investigation

8 Geohazard and landslide mitigation technologies

9 Slope stability, landslides and natural disaster mitigation

10 Ground improvement techniques

11 Foundations on difficult soils

12 Sustainable Geotechnics

13 Uncertainties, risk and reliability in geotechnical engineering

14 14 Geosynthetics engineering

15 Laboratory and in-situ tests

16 Recent advances in physical modelling

17 Soil-structure interaction

18 Liquefaction

19 Lifelines - pipelines, communications, and transportation systems

Key Themes

  • Exploration of Innovative Practices: This session seeks to delve into innovative practices and methodologies within geotechnical engineering, emphasizing sustainable materials and eco-conscious construction methods.
  • Addressing Environmental Concerns: The session aims to address environmental challenges associated with geotechnics, focusing on issues such as soil erosion, contamination, and environmental impact assessment.
  • Promoting Sustainability: An overarching goal is to promote sustainability by highlighting eco-friendly construction materials, novel geotechnical solutions, and practices that reduce environmental impact while enhancing project longevity and resilience.
  • Interdisciplinary Dialogue: It encourages interdisciplinary dialogue among researchers, industry professionals, and academics, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration to drive advancements in sustainable geotechnical practices.
  • . Sharing Best Practices: The session aims to facilitate the sharing of best practices, case studies, and successful implementations that showcase the application of sustainable materials and techniques in geotechnical engineering and environmental conservation.

Session Format

By exploring these objectives, the Geotechnics and Geoenvironmental Sustainable Materials session at ICESSU-2024 aims to catalyze discussions, knowledge dissemination, and collaborative efforts towards developing environmentally conscious and resilient infrastructure solutions for the future.

Organizing Commitee Member


Board of Director,
Iloilo State University of FisheriesScience and Technology Dingle Campus San Matias,

Dr Nurshahira Ibrahim

Senior Lecturer,
Universiti Teknologi Mara Shah Alam,

Dr Teoh Kok Ban

Senior Lecturer,
ViTrox College Penang,

Prof. Dr. Alireza Heidari

Full Distinguished Professor,,
California South Univeristy California,

Dr. Haripriya Mishra

Assistant Professor,
Aryan Institute of Engineering and Technology Odisha,


Technoarete Transactions on Renewable Energy, Green Energy and Sustainability
ISSN: 2583-1968
Transaction on Biomedical Engineering Applications, Healthcare
ISSN: 2582-7405
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