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Session 5

Recent Advancements in Civil Engineering (RACE)

The session on "Recent Advancements in Civil Engineering (RACE)" at ICESSU-2024 is dedicated to exploring the latest innovations, trends, and breakthroughs within the realm of civil engineering.


1 Advanced structural materials

2 Bridge engineering

3 Construction management

4 Earthquake and structural engineering

5 Energy management and Environmental Engineering

6 Geo technical engineering

7 Green building materials and technology

8 New technologies, methods and techniques in civil engineering

9 Sustainable practices

10 Transport infrastructure and transportation Safety

11 Water resource Engineering

Session Speakers

Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohammed Alias Yusof

Department of Civil Engineering
National Defense University of Malaysia
Sungai Besi Military Camp

Key Themes

  • Exploration of Cutting-Edge Innovations: RACE aims to examine and present recent advancements in civil engineering, including but not limited to structural engineering, transportation, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, and construction materials.
  • Emerging Technologies and Techniques: The session focuses on emerging technologies and techniques that have the potential to revolutionize the field of civil engineering, encompassing areas such as smart infrastructure, sustainable construction practices, resilience in the face of climate change, and advancements in construction materials.
  • Practical Applications and Case Studies: It seeks to showcase practical applications and case studies of recent advancements in civil engineering, highlighting successful projects and implementations that demonstrate the transformative impact of these innovations.
  • Sustainability and Resilience: RACE emphasizes discussions around sustainability, resilience, and environmental considerations in civil engineering practices, exploring eco-friendly solutions, disaster-resilient designs, and infrastructure development that aligns with sustainable development goals.
  • Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration: The session encourages knowledge exchange, collaboration, and interdisciplinary discussions among researchers, engineers, academics, and industry professionals to drive innovation and address challenges within the field

Session Format

Overall, the RACE session at ICESSU-2024 aims to serve as a platform for sharing insights, fostering discussions, and catalyzing collaborations to propel the field of civil engineering forward. It aims to inspire participants by showcasing the potential of recent advancements to address societal needs, enhance infrastructure, and contribute to sustainable and resilient development.


Technoarete Transactions on Renewable Energy, Green Energy and Sustainability
ISSN: 2583-1968
Transaction on Biomedical Engineering Applications, Healthcare
ISSN: 2582-7405
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